FAKEORANGE is an art collective.


FAKEORANGE was started back in 2003 by alison zullo, alfie, rob pizzolato, and dave mangels. fresh out of high school with hopes of making it big in the art world, we formed an art collective and worked together creating websites, logos, fliers, and graphics for local bands. over the past 6 years, our line-up has changed and the people involved has varied, and yeah, we never really updated our sites but come on, we were busy growing up.

now that we've sort of done that we wanted to mark our entrance into the adult art world with a magnificent creation that would take up all of our time and energy (and of course blood, sweat, and tears). we once again pooled our fresh young minds to create something that would bring FAKEORANGE back full force into our lives and yours.

during the summer of 2008, ali & alfie decided to create a zine featuring the original members of our collective plus some of the ones we've picked up through the years. after it’s success, we’ve decided to continue creating them.

each edition of FAKEORANGE is curated, edited, designed, and fabricated in our clubhouse in bushwick, brooklyn. each cover in hand screened, each page hand cut, and each book hand bound.